This is a calculator where is possible to calc the difference between two OODs. For example, the main idea is to compare the first ODD (1.50) for (yes) from the betting house A and the second ODD (3.50) for (no) from the betting house B in the same game. Putting these values in the calculator you will find a profit of 5% of the betting total.

This is my financial system for small companies and personal use. It’s available a free version for personal use and on the landing page is a list of plan prices. There is all of the information about the system, like cards, expenses, recipes, transfers, stocks control, and much more.

This is my web store where I’ll start selling electronics in Alagoas/Brazil and in a few years later, deliver goods throughout Brazil.

This is my personal blog where I spread some ideas and solutions. You can interact with my posts and share your experience, adding useful information on it and helping more people.

As you can see, this website still in development, but don’t worry! I have a blog where I spread knowledge in I can’t wait to see your comments over there. Below you can see a small list of my projects. I hope you enjoy one of them, if not, ask for one personalized for you.

See ya!