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An encyclopedia based on the Battlestar Galactica franchise that anyone can edit! The Captains not in charge, James says as they start to enter the cabin. However the explosion leaves the Viper damaged and left floating in space, but its pilot still alive. Library of the Damned The Most Horrible Fanfiction Ever Penned. Season 3 of Battlestar Prometheus is now under way with Admiral Turner and the crew of the Prometheus determined At the absolute top of your list needs to be the Battlestar Galactica series from the 2000s. The Kraken is a typical Conqueror class battle cruiser. They have no indication that the Cylons are responsible, and yet Not!Adama here jumps to that very conclusion. Larry Nance Sr Wife Picture; Ncaa Diversity Officer; Ap Research Presentation Rubric 2021 This has traffic snarled on the Cassini Connector all the way back to the Huygens on-ramp and Asteroid Beltway. At this point in the miniseries, the Colonials arent aware that the Cylons have infected the Command Navigational Program with a backdoor that allows them to infect computer systems with malware to shut down entire vessels. Then he sees the two Raiders streaking towards them, he frantically works to try and restart the systems as the two Raiders open fire, their bullets tearing through his Viper as it explodes. What RQoO doesnt seem to get is that the Hybrids arent really a major plot point, and telling Not!Baltar to find The Hybrid is akin to standing a person in front of a pile of needles, and saying Find The Needle. Also, I still cannot see Cyclops as Starbuck. Oh, and what sort of finishing touches could they be doing to the old vipers? Support Vessel. The remaining five models are the Final Five, but that arsine subplot isnt relevant to the Miniseries, or even worth mentioning; fourth season being what it fucking is. *Minh and Wade watch as Elysium jumps from Colonial One (Formally Colonial Heavy 798, later Colonial One, and definitely not The Elysium) and grabs the entire Viper, before pulling in into the ships airlock*. thought now a hunter from another word has landed on the planet for a hunt which will shock. In fact, she hasnt exhibited any personality traits. All right, well take the children on board, Jubilee Not!Boomer says, motioning forward, the crowd parts as several children climb aboard the Raptor. I have a passing familiarity with X-Men, but the only thing I know about BSG is Cylons = bad. Along the way Prometheus make astonishing discoveries, including, an entire space fairing civilisation. . I need a Viper squadron ready to fly when we enter the fight, Marie says. Captain, Ive got two confirmed signatures, Jubilee reports, that was odd, the Cylons should be all over the system, why only send two? !. Barring specific circumstances, of course. In the X-Men canon, mutants are highly feared by many members of society, or are treated with distaste. Not!Helo nods and grabs a flight manual and a marker. Joy has been bubbling up in her chest ever since Gaeta confirmed their position above Earth. Or, rather, his replacement. Again, this is not how this scene goes. not [Insert BSG character here]! Unless one of those doors didnt open right or the catapult failed to function, I dont see any conceivable way that a Viper could get stuck in the launch tube. I wish I could offer more insight than namedrops, but these substitutions arent doing anything but namedropping. Shes not immortal, but oddly long-lived, and precognitive. Sci-fi fans get to explore an endless assortment of distant galaxies full of lumpy-headed aliens, but we also have to deal with the sci-fi fan struggles. And Roslin's plea for help entails more than just going to fetch Helo. Ruin Queen and authors like her have so much potential with their concepts. Im not sure how an ancient unit of measurement is going to help, but Im also pretty sure the Cylons will never see it coming. None of the story takes place in the Star Wars universe. Did you mean the DRADIS readout begins to flash? Trying to stay within the story of BSG 2003, but I have not watched Caprica or Blood and Chrome so may deviate from those two. If anyone tries to rush the Raptor, they will be shot.. in Commander's quarters on Pegasus (and hadn't that ship been destroyed?). IN ORBIT OF CAPRICA. Also, they want to know why they're all girls in space now. What about the children? A womans voice calls out. Battlestar Prometheus 3 1. namar13766. Yeah, and it took a war with the Cylons to actually make it work, Alicia says. Its, strange, Im getting reports of equipment malfunctions all over, the Battlestar Ulysses had a complete shutdown before being destroyed., An entire Battlestar? Marie says, looking at Jean. Weve taken heavy damage, were going to have to set her down somewhere, Jubilee says, moving the raptor off quickly. Adama isnt emotionless, hes one of the most caring and emotional people there is. tsteuten. Battlestar Galactica:Storm Break A work of Battlestar Galactica 2003 Fanfiction By Alexander Raines (Grey Wolf Knight) . Oh, and we also got introduced to Renegade, a OC who is apparently Rogues daughter. Now, what follows is some pretty substandard regurgitation, but theres nothing especially bad in whats said. These ranged from machines that simply imitated organic beings, to hybrids between living tissue and machines. We accept information on the 1970-80 shows, the reimagining, Caprica, Blood & Chrome, Deadlock and many comics. From Battlestar Wiki, the free, open content Battlestar Galactica encyclopedia and episode guide. The search is quick, she finds a female priest named Irene who was part of the government delegation that had been on Prometheus for the ceremony. There was no getting stuck, it was a faulty part. Elysium, Im picking up a Cylon missile on intercept course for your position! Alicias voice is heard over the wireless communicator, the DRADIS in the cockpit confirms the reading from the Viper. X-Men and BSG have so much potential as a crossover, but Ruin Queen chooses to regurgitate the BSG miniseries with only token changes to the plot and story. Language: English Words: 126,091 Centurions in the afterlife? We start with yet another authors note. Now picking up 10 enemy fighters correction, 8 fighters., Raptor 259, hang back while we investigate, the CAG says. That was in confidence! Alicia nods and goes around, looking to see if there was a priest on board the Elysium. Battlestar Galactica Future from Marvel Comics (21K) - From the novel-sized "Saga of a Star World" adaptation. Its also. Set eighteen months before the fall of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol The follows the Battlestar Prometheus and a small fleet on a quest to find . (LogOut/ The epic conclusion to the 30 Worlds saga has arrived: five worlds, five adventures.and a final battle which will change everything! Also, they arent armed at all. Tese (doutorado)Universidade de Braslia, Faculdade de Comunicao, Programa de Ps-graduao em Comunicao, 2018.Na era da convergncia, interessa estudar as relaes entre os meios de comunicao. These Cylons are ruthless, the President tried to send a surrender after the attack on Picon, it was ignored., Is there any more word on Xavier starts to say but is cut off by static, he looks at the Captain who shakes his head. Well have to manage, I dont care if we have to throw rocks at the Cylons, well fight them somehow, Marie says. Mr. I dug out a folder of old fics and decided to post some of them. Oh, so not even a name this time? battlestar galactica fanfic fanfiction jedi sith star wars startrek starwars Replies: 0; Forum: Fanfiction Discussion; The Thin Blue Line: A Battlestar Galactica Colonial-Cylon War Game . Essentially the central basis and or structure of the Multiverse or endless parallel Alternate Universes connected in someway to the Battlestar Galactica universe (both of its original and "reimagined" series) consists of varing near endless storylines created by the editors and writers here on Battlestar Galactica Fanon Wiki. More reports coming in, 30 Battlestars have been confirmed lost in the Cylon attack Marie (who is not a God) looks up at the DRADIS Gods, half expecting to see a God appear on it at any Gods-given moment. If theyd actually given these replacements their personalities and backstories from the comics, and not just done a search-and-replace on the games of BSG characters, then theyd have actually written a story that wasnt shit! Science Fiction (or Speculative Fiction. No pain, warm, safe.It was immedietly clear something is wrong. While it would be interesting to see how the addition of mutants changes the BSG canon, this story doesnt even make a token attempt at doing that. tag as part of the riff, but the story is not written this way. Second offno. Guess hes in charge.. Tweet What they find there will put not only the planet at risk, but all of humanity. The world of Remnant has been always worried about the Grimm and White Fang. Lieutenant Forge, I want to know of any space traffic, friendly or otherwise.. Instead of ninety vessels (which I might add are not all Battlestars, some being support vessels, and others lightweight combat ships like cruisers) being the approximate size of the fleet,r RQoO has now made the fleet 120 ships strong. battlestar prometheus fanfictionjack paar cause of death. There was no getting stuck, it was a faulty part. Prometheus Fanfiction by NonchalantLilac Fandoms: Alien Series, Prometheus (2012) Explicit; No Archive Warnings Apply . . Told you the fourth season was asinine. Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut UP!!! And things only got stranger from there. A. Hohensee Welcome aboard. Hawk. With that fanfiction comes the bizarre crossovers. And to uphold the Articles of Colonization, Xavier says. Maybe they wont come after us Logan says, so far they hadnt been targeted by the Cylons. They began moving towards more organic designs, and created a large number of cybernetic hybrids. Recommended Battlestar Galactica "Earth-contact" fics by Stephan Sokolow is licensed under a Creative . The fic hasnt been updated since 2013, and this is the last chapter published. Then he turns somber as the Captain walks into the cabin, looking at a piece of paper. Gaeta is responsible for the DRADIS, not communications; and thus Forge is also not responsible for communications. They already had all their other stuff ready to go. Then lets hope we dont need it until then, Marie says, then suddenly the DRADIS begins flashing. Got it, well let you know, Jubilee says. To do honor to the office of the President of the 12 Colonies of Kobol, Irene says. Im running locations by reports coming in, so far most depots where either hit in the attack or where emptied.. Everything is limited - food, clothes, medicine. Vitaly_Portnov_406. battlestar prometheus fanfiction Lots of interesting flashbacks (I think they're interesting anyway but what do I know?) The Battlestar Prometheus also acknowledges other great organizations with the Prometheus name such as the Battlestar Prometheus SIM and the Battlestar Prometheus Chapter of the Colonial Defense Forces fan club. Dradis.Net - A quality website for Re-imagined Galactica Fanfiction, focusing on Challenge fics. Let us commence todays festivities! There would be time to mourn later, now they had to get to land. Good fanfiction is all about doing something new with the . Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive, somewhere beyond the heavens. Officials advise using New Horizons Boulevard as an alternate route. Now we must endure this mopey Not!Apollo OC for longer than wed otherwise require! Anthony Figurski. felony friendly jobs near me; when do lansing schools start 2021 2022; kotobukiya bishoujo beetlejuice The creation of the Co-Prosperity Sphere had a great influence on the 1940 Olympic games in Tokio. We cant just leave these people behind, Sam Not!Helo says, pulling Jubilee Not!Boomer off to the side to talk. Dude, if youre going to have mutants in BSG, at least be consistent with the canon from which they originated. Eventually, both parties meet, and they see each others hallucinatory copies. Battlestar Leonidas - Battlestar Leonidas is a new epic written by Allen E. Knott. This statement makes me really doubt whether the author has seen BSG or not. To do honor to the office of the President of the 12 Colonies of Kobol, Xavier repeats. They kill the Viper squadron with missiles!!! battlestargalactica. Theres a 3 space vehicle collision over on the Voyager Expressway with emergency crews on scene. [ special] , , , , , . Now, Im taking a break from Trapped for a while longer- since I really need to work up the energy to slog through that piece of literary scum- so next time we look at a BioShock stufic with one of the most limp-wristed Gary Stus to ever come through this library. Being one of the three only . Cannonball, can you confirm?. Oh thank the Gods, we where afraid youd been hit as well, the voice on the other end says, Xavier recognizes it as one of the Presidents aides. Then President Reimus offered me this position in his administration, the first President to have a Mutant as a member of his cabinent in 14 years, and I jumped at the opportunity.. Facebook. Please tell me youre kidding.. Inserting these tags just made things way more confusing since the author uses only the X-men names and never the BSG names, which I have no frame of reference for anyway. It just doesnt work. About; Author Endorsements; Barracks; Dictionary of the Damned; Scam Site Warning; The Enlistment Office; The Snark Crew; 2603: Battlestar Prometheus - Chapter 2 Maddrox, I am the senior government official on this vessel, that puts me in charge, Xavier says, James looks at him for a moment angrily. I seem to recall there being a squadron of Vipers on the starboard hangar deck this morning, Colonel, Marie points out. I was thinking, we cant be the only ship out here, so we should start searching for more survivors, find some place to hide., Yes Mr. Secretary, Alicia says, and smirks at James as Xavier heads back to the cockpit. Actually, thats not entirely fair. Long fic, sexy moments. However, by the fifth or sixth episode of season two, we already know that theres only eight infiltrators in the fleet, and weve seen six of the twelve models. She told me that you where the wisest, kindest man she has ever met. The Battlestar Prometheus series is a fan fiction by Ryan A. Keeton based on the Re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. Not!Boomer says, motioning forward, the crowd parts as several children climb aboard the Raptor. Now into its third season, the story has continued to grow in popularity and has spawned its own wiki and strong fan . Also, its Munitions not Munitians. Umno? It regurgitates, it bores, and it makes mistake after mistake after mistake. Congradulations, Mister President, Alicia says as Xavier wheels away, she shakes his hand. Nor does she have brown hair. Prometheus. Oh my God, I remember reading this fanfic before I started to write stories. She didnt survive two wars to die this easily., I know, and I pray to the Gods that youre right, Alicia says. Gods, what now he mutters, trying to re-activate his systems, he presses his wireless. Now, in the. Galactica was being converted into a museum ship. I find it very hard to believe that there hasnt been any hatred in 25 years. Now, I dont know if were going to get that chance., Lieutenant, I know your mother from before she was the Commander, Xavier says. What the frak happened? He says into the wireless. As a side note, it would be prudent to note that this replacement for Apollo cannot canonically exist as the child of Rogue, as pointed out by Bats in the last riff. scene which the author is regurgitating here, it was a fault in Starbucks Viper that meant that the Landing Signals Operator aborted the launch. It can be about thinking up a whole new story in the same universe, with only a smattering of canonical characters. Did I Make the Most of Loving You? Her nukes had been removed; her ammunition magazines had presumably been emptied of the majority of their contents; her small arms lockers still had stuff in them, but were probably being stripped while she was on her way to her final destination; she only had six Mark VII Vipers that were presumably going to be a exhibit. Not!Helo starts ripping out pages. So far, there is Battlestar Prometheus that was sent on long term mission to find new planets. While it would be interesting to see how the addition of mutants changes the BSG canon, this story doesnt even make a token attempt at doing that. Now its Boomer and Helo as well that are being replaced. Her armaments, size and engines are comparable to one of the twelve original Battlestars. Maybe. Hotpoint creates a good story later on in XSGCOM, but the lead up is filled with regurgitation of SG1 storylines, and mild HFY elements that bog down the characters and the story. So the intercom in this version is controlledby nodding??? Oh, and that DRADIS sweeps have to obey relativistic physics (i.e. Create New. An experiment that has seen humanity create robotic servants that then rebel and push mankind to the brink of extinction dozens or even hundreds of times before. The two most egregious things about regurgitation in general are that it makes a story filled with it boring to people who know the canon youre regurgitating, and its extremely lazy. But why should the malfunctions be due to the Cylons? List of Secondary and Escort Warship. prometheus fanfic; Robot/Human Relationships; . the plot with additional lore details and with a lot of details changed or entirely replaced. The Prometheus's Viper pilot helmet ornament and ship insignia would have featured a hand holding a burning torch. It can be about inventing scenarios for the canon characters, or using a crossover to mesh two compatible universes (or incompatible if youre one of those fanfiction writers who are brilliant enough to make a bad idea work properly). Broshure- Gears for Ship Building. All of us myself, your mother, the other members of the X-Men, we wanted to make it better for Mutants.. If anyones wondering about the Not! Each tube is shaped to allow a Viper to launch without getting caught. Lieutenant, welcome to the CIC, Marie says, looking up from the center console. Terms of Service. Any insight on who this Sean might be? She doesnt show it that often, Xavier says. More regurgitation? Theyre fully functional, and theres nothing wrong with them. Immediately it can be ascertained that I wrote most of this three or so months ago. I dug out a folder of old ficlets and decided to post (or re-post) some of them. These ships are the ships of the line for the Terran Alliance. There are no guns involved, only their missile launchers! Strikestar. Everyone is going to get a piece of paper with a number on it, we are going to draw three numbers and whoever has the numbers drawn will get a spot on the Raptor. Really? URL: Battlestar Prometheus Anyway, last time on Battlestar Prometheuswe basically got the plot of the miniseries regurgitated incorrectly to us; with the events of the canon three-hour backdoor pilot being twisted out of order, mixed with random plot points from the 2004 TV show, and every major character being given the Ctrl-C+V treatment with characters from X-Men. the form aabbaccdd best describes: bunnings silicone gun. How many people do you think we can fit aboard and still make orbit?. It was Admiral Nagala in the original, and the writers at least established that they were in charge of the fleet. You wanted to see me, Commander? Scott says, coming into the CIC. Takes place during the mini-series during this scene: Decommissioning Ceremony. Ive been Crazy Minh, hes Major Wade, and thank you for reading! Sagitara - Acropolis, Prometheus, Sentinel Scorpio - Pegasus, Andromeda, Phoenix Taura - Cerberus, Atlantis, Endurance . In her Viper, Alicia pushes forward the throttle, her eyes darting over the DRADIS console as she spots the missile in front of her. +3 more. All it really does is tell us that this covers the second half of the miniseries, where the Galactica and the surviving civilian ships leave the solar system for good. Sometimes, she has a hard time showing her true feelings.. Im picking up something unknown contacts, at least one whole squadron!, Captain, were picking up something, Jubilee says, tapping her wireless. Its regurgitation that forms the problem in so many crossovers that come through this library.

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